Volunteer Job Descriptions


Programming volunteers are in charge of the Panels/Panel rooms. They are responsible for making sure the panels start on time by contacting the Moderator for each panel to let them know a particular panel is coming up. They will then need to follow up with the Moderator 15 minutes prior to the panel’s start time, to make sure the panel starts on time.


Registration volunteers are responsible for keeping the Registration Area flowing smoothly. This includes directing the attendees to the correct lines when they arrive.

Line Control:

Line Control controls the attendee lines. Wherever there may be an issue with a long line, Line Control will swoop in and keep it under control. Line Control is responsible for making sure that no one gets in without a wristband.

Artist Alley:

Artist Alley volunteers will assist the artists in this area. You may have to sit at an Artist’s table while they take a break or escort them to the Panel rooms for their programming session(s). You will also control the smaller lines in this area and if the lines get too long.


Direct Exhibitors on the most appropriate door location for load-in/load-out. Additional responsibilities may include physically assisting dealers & artists with moving their merchandise from their vehicle to their assigned show location. If assigned, volunteers will want to wear comfortable clothing and footwear as they may frequently be in and out of the building.