Dealer Terms

  1. Dealer Set-Up: Friday, November 9 from 7pm-11pm & Saturday November 10 from 7am-10am
  2. Dealer Hours: Saturday, November 10 from 10am-5pm & Sunday November 11 from 10am-4pm
  3. Exhibitor tables & 10×10 in-line booths include (1) 6’ table with 2 chairs, table covering & (2) vendor passes.
  4. 10×10 corner booths include an extra 6’ table. Additional passes can be purchased for $5 ea.  
  5. Wi-Fi will be available free of charge throughout the show
  6. Wall space and electrical outlets will be on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  7. Overnight security will be provided by MWTF. 
  8. Dealers display will not extend beyond the boundaries of the space that is paid for and provided or into the aisles in front of their tables.
  9. Dealers agree to keep their area clean and are responsible for any damages caused to the Venue.
  10. Mayhem Promotions accepts no responsibility for any merchandise sold at the show. Responsibility for the show merchandise (or) the legalities of selling, (or) necessary rights to sell any merchandise rest solely with the dealer.
  11. All dealers are responsible for their own collection of state sales taxes. You may contact the Indiana Dept. of Revenue at (800) 457-8283 or regarding the necessary requirements.
  12. Dealer agrees to remain set up until the end of the show. (NO EARLY TEAR-DOWN)
  13. No smoking is allowed in the building at any time.
  14. No table is guaranteed until full payment is received in full by the due date. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $25.00 service fee.
  15. If a dealer does not show up by 3:00pm the day of the show, additional tables may become available for $35.00 each.
  16. No refunds will be given within 30 days of show (10/5/18).
  17. Bootleg videos and DVD’s/VHS/Blue-Rays are not permitted at the show unless the seller has written permission from the copyright owner.
  18. Any explicit “adult” materials such as DVD’s, videos, magazines, etc. are not permitted at the show. Please contact us with any questions.
  19. Both adults & children attend this show. No inappropriate language or behavior will be tolerated.
  20. Mayhem Promotions & its employees (or) affiliates are NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur during the show. All dealers are responsible for their own merchandise. If your product is broken or stolen during the show, it is NOT our responsibility. Any damage to the building by the dealer is the sole responsibility of the dealer. Dealers release the show promoter from any and all liability resulting from the above. 
  21. Dealers are not permitted to play music during the show.
  22. Dealers are not permitted to have animals in the building at any time.
  23. Carts for load-in/load-out will NOT be provided. Please plan accordingly.
  24. Any disputes needing to be settled in a courtroom will be done so in a court in Marion County, Indiana.
  25. Dealers booking a room from the MWTF room block BEFORE registering and paying for their tables will receive a 20% discount on their tables. Room purchase will be verified by MWTF prior to set-up. If the rooms are cancelled, the amount discounted will be due before set-up. Dealer agrees to repay any discounts received if room is cancelled after set-up or if dealer fails to pay for their room after the show.