Interested in Volunteering?

The following section is dedicated to clarifying the roles of a Midwest Toy Fest Volunteer. Please read each section carefully and contact us with any questions or concerns. The Volunteer Registration Form is located at the bottom of the page.

1. The Importance of a Midwest Toy Fest Volunteer

Our volunteers help create a friendly & enjoyable atmosphere for fans and attendees. Most importantly, our volunteers help us preserve our mission to provide an environment where individuals can become part of a larger fan community.

2. Why Volunteer?
By volunteering, you too can become part of the fan community and our team! You will:

  • Meet a new community of people and fans
  • Make new friends
  • Help fans and attendees enjoy their experience
  • Learn how events are run from set-up to move-out
  • Share in the geek-culture passion
  • Do something new and different

3. Volunteer Relations
We value the experience and insights of our volunteers and encourage feedback about our organization, processes and programs. Such feedback can be passed through respective Staff Members or addressed through email.

4. Commitment to our Volunteers
We recognize that volunteers are a fundamental part of running a successful show. We understand that our volunteers’ involvement strengthens our goals to promote a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for both the fans and guests. We are committed to providing volunteers with a safe and supportive environment to learn and enjoy the show from a new and exciting perspective.

5. Expectations of Volunteers
As a Volunteer you will be representing Midwest Toy Fest. Along with performing your assigned duties you will be expected to abide to the following Rules of Conduct:

  • Respect the property of the show site, the fans, guests, staff members and fellow volunteers
  • Respect the direction and decisions of Staff Members
  • Perform your duties to the best of your ability and advise the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unable to work as scheduled
  • Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate manner as outlined in this Volunteer Handbook
  • Be courteous, friendly, and cooperative
  • Offer constructive feedback about Midwest Toy Fest in an appropriate manner

Volunteer Policies

Along with the Rules of Conduct, there are specific policies that Midwest Toy Fest has established. Please read the policies and understand that they are strictly enforced. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Staff Member. 

  1. We ask that all volunteers work a minimum of 5 hours for free entrance into the show.
  2. We encourage our volunteers to work at least 1 Sunday shift, as this is our busiest day.
  3. All volunteers must wear their name badge & show shirt while working/attending events.
  4. Volunteer shirts are only to be worn during your work shift at all times and must be removed when on break or at after parties (or) events.
  5. All volunteers should wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Please refrain from wearing torn or dirty clothing, shorts, or open-toed shoes. Comfortable walking shoes are best, as most volunteers will be standing or walking a great deal during their shifts.
  6. Volunteers are not permitted to use their volunteer status to promote or conduct personal business.
  7. The Green Room is for Staff and Volunteers only. Individuals NOT associated with the show are not permitted inside.

Registration and Key Check-In Points

  1. You must sign-in and sign-out each day with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  2. When you check-in for your first shift you must hand in your Volunteer Information form and copy of your ID (so we can verify you are who you say you are).
  3. Upon check-in you will be given a wristband for the day of the show to wear for entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do volunteers put their bags and other personal items?

Midwest Toy Fest will provide an area for volunteers to put their items, however we are not responsible for lost or stolen items and recommend that you leave bags and other valuable items at home and only carry the minimal cash, credit cards, ID with you at the show. Volunteers are not permitted to carry bags (purses, backpacks, messenger bags, camera bags, waist purses, show bags etc.) on the show floor, please do not bring them.

Volunteer Job Descriptions


  • Programming volunteers are in charge of the Panels/Panel rooms. They are responsible for making sure the panels start on time by contacting the Moderator for each panel to let them know a particular panel is coming up. They will then need to follow up with the Moderator 15 minutes prior to the panel’s start time, to make sure the panel starts on time.


  • Registration volunteers are responsible for keeping the Registration Area flowing smoothly. This includes directing the attendees to the correct lines when they arrive.

Line Control:

  • Line Control controls the attendee lines. Wherever there may be an issue with a long line, Line Control will swoop in and keep it under control. Line Control is responsible for making sure that no one gets in without a wristband.

Artist Alley:

  • Artist Alley volunteers will assist the artists in this area. You may have to sit at an Artist’s table while they take a break or escort them to the Panel rooms for their programming session(s). You will also control the smaller lines in this area and if the lines get too long.


  • Direct Exhibitors on the most appropriate door location for load-in/load-out. Additional responsibilities may include physically assisting dealers & artists with moving their merchandise from their vehicle to their assigned show location. If assigned, volunteers will want to wear comfortable clothing and footwear as they may frequently be in and out of the building.

Closing Remarks

Once again, we would like to thank you for your interest in volunteering at Midwest Toy Fest. As previously mentioned, your time and efforts allow us to continue in our mission to create a safe, fun and exciting event for fans.

- Midwest Toy Fest Staff

Volunteer Registration Form

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